Not sure what you need?

Not sure what you need?

Why choose Flatiron Window Well Covers?

We’ve been told that working with us is a breeze, and that’s how we like it. We want to get you the window well covers you need, quickly and efficiently without all the fuss.

We work directly with the main manufacturers that have been working in the front range area for almost 50 years. We know their product, and we likely, know how to get you what you need as quickly as possible. 


We deeply value our customers, and this sense of appreciation shines through as our family works with you!


We possess an intricate understanding of every facet of window wells, allowing us to provide you with unmatched solutions tailored to your needs.


Rooted in the heart of Colorado, our window well company takes pride in its local heritage, with our team hailing from Loveland, Longmont, Lakewood, and Golden.

We have high standards, so should you.

Our quality cover after 5 years

Flatiron Window Well Covers commitment to quality pays off. The powder-coated metal cover exhibits no indications of wear and tear, presenting a visually enhanced appearance when viewed from the yard.

Metal Grates Look Better Outside

We don’t cover wells completely to preserve natural light and air flow. We recommend the use of metal grates, known for their extended lifespan and their contribution to maintaining a more pleasing aesthetic for your home.


This is what we saved a client from after years of them creating makeshift solutions. 


This custom powder coated metal window well is not only for safety, it also offers a sleek design that elevates your home’s exterior.

Andrea is my go-to for window well covers. It’s important to keep your kids and pets safe in the backyard and that means making sure the window wells are covered safely! This family-owned business is a wonderful place to get custom window covers. Friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! I recommend them to all my home buyers and clients!

Brie Fowler

The Fowler Group at Coldwell Banker Realty

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